Middle Village Roller


The Middle Village Roller league currently has 8 teams. In the second section of this page, you can find out more about each team and and their characteristics.

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HF logo

High Flyers take pride in out working their opponents.

High Flyers are Fast, and Fierce.  Sporting our state colors and pushing above the competition.

The High Flyers are ready for Action


The Cardinals. A Name Synonymous With Any Major Sports League

Red Is Always A Popular Color, Especially For Our Favorite Sports Teams. Cardinals Are Never Daunted By Larger Opponents, And Know The Key To Success Is To Out Wit And Outlast Their Opponents.

The Cardinals Want All Their Opponents to See Red.


Dolphins Do Everything on Porpoise, Especially Score

Dolphins are the most organized,  calculated, and social creatures in the animal kingdom.

Lets get out there and see what it would look like if Dolphins could  skate.


Thunder Will Be Heard, And What Ever You Do Don't Get In Their Way !

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Trucks. No stopping to re-charge these diesel motors, They will go the distance.

The Thunder are ready to roll !


When You Least Expect It the Tigers Pounce

Always Opportunistic, And Watching Your Every Move. Never Forget The Tigers Are Picking Their Moment To Strike.

These Tigers Are Willing Claw Their Way To The Top Of The Standings.

Hitmen logo

Hitmen Execute Their Game Plan with Excellence.

The Pink and Black Attack, Will Not Hold Back.

Watch Out M.V.P., The Hitmen Want Everyone to Know Who The Best in The League Is, Was and Ever will Be !!!

Stingers logo

Stingers Keep Busy Making That Rich Golden Honey.

Do not Poke This Hive or You will get Stung.

The Stingers Know the Only Thing Sweeter Than Honey is Hoisting The Queens Moloney Cup.

Alumni game logo

Roller Hockey and Queens are Synonymous.

Whether you have Allegiance to MVRH or the 104 Precinct League, MVP RHL is Honored to be your New Home as We Host The Semi-Annual MVH VS. 104Pct Alumni Game.

MVP Equals Middle Village Players ?

Rebranding the Award with a League is a Tall Task. Fortunately, our community is up to the challenge of capturing the acronym to echo Middle Village Players.

We got you, Montel Vontavious Porter, our youth athlete’s will take over where you left off.

Middle Village Players Will Fulfill Your Wildest Roller Hockey Dreams.


J....E....T....S.... JETS, JETS, JETS !!!

The Jets are not discreet in their planned destination. No cooling off these Jets, once zero'd in on their target not much can be done.

Try not to get burn't by the high octane.

Hawks Logo

Hawks Always Have Their Keen Eyesight on the Prize

Hawks have no need to Blend in. Utilizing Strength, Speed, and a Flare for Showmanship.

These Hawks are ready to show why Purple is Regal.

Bears v2 logo

Bears Never Quit, I wouldn't underestimate their Agility and Endurance

Bears are Tenacious and Determined.  Whether you think the Jersey is Yellow or Gold it doesn't matter.

These Bears know what color they want their Trophy to be.